27. znanstveno-stručni skup Voda i javna vodoopskrba

Croatian Institute of Public Health and county institutes of public health

under the Auspice of Minister of Health

Prof. Vili Beroš, PhD, MD, primarius,

are organizing




with the central theme:



Dear fellow scientists and experts,

It is a great honor and privilege to invite you on behalf of the Organizing Committee to the 27th “Water and Public Water Supply” Scientific and Professional Conference that will be held at the Lišanj Hotel in Novi Vinodolski.

The central theme of the Conference this year is dedicated to the water supply network: the challenges and opportunities associated with the delivery of safe water for human consumption. Water supply network represents a complex and dynamic environment in which various reactions and interactions, involving microorganisms, organic and inorganic matter, take place, and, over time, deposits can form on +pipe walls, as well as biofilms. These processes can cause deterioration of water quality, including a change in water color, increased turbidity, as well as development of an unpleasant taste and smell of water. Water supply networks are usually spread over wide geographical areas, while a good part have been buried underground for decades and are beginning to show signs of ageing. Poorly balanced water pressure in the water supply network can cause water leakage, which implies a loss of income. Conversely, if the water network is optimized, water suppliers can save significantly on energy and treatment costs. Creating a resilient, efficient and sustainable water supply requires adequate management of the water supply network. We invite you to actively participate in the work of the Conference by presenting scientific and professional papers through oral and poster presentations, as well as in discussions at the Round Table, also on the topic of water supply network.

As always, the Conference also welcomes all other topics of interest to experts and scientists working in the field of water and public water supply.

We look forward to meeting you in beautiful Novi Vinodolski!

Magdalena Ujević Bošnjak, PhD, research associate
Chair of the Organising and Scientific Committee

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