25. znanstveno-stručni skup Voda i javna vodoopskrba

Croatian Institute of Public Health and county institutes of public health

under the Auspice of Minister of Health

Prof. Vili Beroš, PhD, MD

are organizing




with the central theme:



Dear colleagues,

It is my honor and pleasure to invite you to the 25th scientific-professional conference “Water and Public Water Supply”. This year’s jubilee gathering is an opportunity to remember the post-war times when the gathering evolved, took place for all these years and became one of the few gatherings in Croatia that can boast of continuity, number of participants and breadth of topics covered during the years. Precisely because of this legacy that we benefit from, and above all, the importance of water in our lives, the Organising Committee is working on preparations for this year’s Conference, regardless of the uncertainty of the times we live in. Last year’s Conference was held virtually, and this year we will also adapt to the epidemiological situation. More detailed information on the form in which the Conference will be held will be provided in the second notice and on the Conference’s website.

The central theme of this year’s Conference is dedicated to mineral and thermal waters, which are one of the riches of our country. The safety of thermal waters used for therapy and / or recreation, as well as the safety of bottled mineral waters are just one small segment of the activities associated with these waters. Mineral and thermal waters have a much wider application and importance. Therefore, we hope to gather representatives from all authorities and institutions that deal with them in order to place even more importance on these waters through presentation of scientific and professional papers and activities, and joint discussion.

Like in previous years, the Conference is also open to other topics of interest to experts and scientists dealing with water and public water supply.

We hope and are looking forward to seeing you at the Plitvice Lakes!


Magdalena Ujević Bošnjak, PhD, research associate
Chair of the Organising and Scientific Committee

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